What is PhysiqueIndex?

First let me Introduce myself.My name is Parikshit Jaiswal from Kolkata,WB,India.In order to live a better life I believe that a person should attain for greatness in 4 pillars which includes LOVE,WEALTH,HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

While I am no Bill Gates I am doing fine in the WEALTH department.I am also doing really well in HAPPINESS department since I am surrounded by positive and happy people. I am at level 0 in LOVE.

Finally comes HEALTH.I used to be lean in my school days because I was always active,my nutrition was on point since I hardly ate outside.Heck my pocket money was very low to allow me to afford McDonald’s.Then came college.I started eating outside a lot since I was rotating my time between my college,tuition’s and video game cafes and by the time I graduated college I became obese.I was really not worried though as after college I started my video games business and later on and still dabbling in Stock Markets.

On my birthday 13th July 2014 I received a T-Shirt from my cousin as a gift.Guess what it didn’t fit me.That is the day I decided I want to look different and started looking online for the perfect male physique.I came to know about Adonis Index which is really the perfect male body ratio of shoulder width to waist.I decided to give it my name which is Physique Index.

Our Shoulder to our Waist ratio is the most important ratio we need to look at while creating the perfect looking physique.

If we want to create the perfect physique then we need to aim at increasing our Shoulder circumference to 1.6 in relation to our waist circumference.So suppose if your waist at 10% Body fat is 30 inches then you need to achieve a shoulder circumference of 48 inches to get the perfect physique.This is what I call Physique Index and this is what I am aiming for.At currently I am at a ratio of 1.4. I need to get 6 inches more around my Shoulder to achieve my perfect Physique and thus attain the perfect Physique Index.

I hope you like my blog post.Please forgive the grammatical and punctuation errors.I have started writing after a really long time and I hope my writing will improve overtime.

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