What does Heavy Weightlifting do to your body?

Today’s article is all about heavy weightlifting.When you lift a heavy ass weight whether it’s barbell squat,deadlift,bench press or military press,something magical happens not just physically but mentally as well.The magic includes the following points:-

My 1.5 Yrs Results from Lifting Heavy

1)You build solid dense muscles:-Technically you break your muscle fibers and the fibers repair later on,thus giving you new stronger muscles.You force your muscles to grow every time you lift heavy in the 5-7 reps with progressive overload and proper exercise selection.This leads to myofibriliar hypertrophy.You will become strong and sexy once you build up on your lifts.

2)You are creating a good habit:- Weightlifting is a good habit.You spend quality 1 hr of a particular day in gym becoming stronger,lifting weights,changing your body.Good habits will pay you in the long run.Good habits will make you a better human being.Good habits will give you good results.For example working out for  3 hrs each week X each month X each year X 3 years (total 432 hrs) will give you a physique of a greek god.Just imagine how will this habit transform your life after 3 years.

3)You become more disciplined in other aspects of your life:- When you become disciplined in lifting heavy weights I can guarantee you that you will become more disciplined in other aspects of your life as well.It’s all interconnected.You become disciplined in your finances,social life,love life.I will give you one example from my life related to weightlifting.Becoming disciplined in the gym has made me disciplined book reader as well.You can check my Instagram where I post pictures of the books I read and own.

4)You look good:- As I already said lifting heavy weights gives you more muscles.When you have more muscles,you in turn look good.When you look good you become more confident and you fell on top of the world.This is one of the main reasons why men join the gym i.e to build muscles and to look good to the opposite sex.Bodybuilding industry is a billion dollar industry because of this reason only.Men like us want to look good.

5)Your bones becomes stronger:- This one is an obvious.Your bones become stronger.Stronger bones means lesser chances of injury.Less injury means more time not wasted on injury and you can use that saved timed on doing something else.It’s a win win situation for you especially older people.Older people can break their bones pretty easily but they can easily reduce their chance of injury if they resort to heavy weightlifting.


That’s it.Short and simple to the point article by me.Please let me know in the comments below as to how my article was.Please share it on social media.



  • Divya Jaiswal

    got to know very interesting facts which I was unaware of till now. Great start. keep writing. looking forward to read more.

    • Parikshit Jaiswal

      Thank you

  • Mandeep Kumar

    Very interesting. And I like ur style of writing.

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