What can you learn from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz?

I am quite sure that most of my lovely readers must have sipped coffee from the legendary coffee chain company known as Starbucks.Unfortunately I haven’t since there is no Starbucks in my city at this point of time.

Let me introduce you to the founder of Starbucks Howard Schultz.With net worth of 1.5 billion dollars he is one of the richest Americans.I had a pleasure of reading his book ONWARD this past week.


I have 4 takeaways from this book and these are follows :-

1)Dream Big:-If you read autobiographies of successful people you will always find that they are big promoters of dreaming big.Why do you think that is the case?It’s simple if you don’t dream big then who is going to dream big for you.The only person who will benefit the most by dreaming big is you. One of my big dreams is to accumulate 1000 crore INR in my bank account.Will it be possible ?Maybe or maybe not.Is it a big dream?Yes it is.Am I delusional?Yes I am.That’s the beauty of dreaming big.You cannot just dream small.Your dreams need to be big, so that you can partially achieve a portion of your big dream.I want to earn and save 1000 crore INR in my bank account but I might be able to lets say just achieve 10% of my dream and at the end I save 100 crore INR. If I had a dream of just saving 100 crore I might have achieved 10 crore at the end.So you see it’s necessary to dream big.Shoot for the starts so that you land among the moon.

2)Failure is your friend:- Get this straight.You are going to fail a lot of times in your life.Be it your business,your relationship with your loved ones,your education,etc.It is going to happen sooner or later and you will fail at the worst time in your life.Learn from it,repair it and move forward.I remember clearly the first time I failed in English Language in class 7.I secured 40 marks out of 100 while the passing marks were 50.I was devastated for several weeks throwing tantrums at my parents for not providing me with a good reading room in my home and blamed them for my failures but the real reason I failed was I did not study.Some how at the tender age of 13,I started reading and writing more in English so that I could at least secure passing marks next time. Out of fear of failing again I studied really hard in English Language and literature and secured 80 marks out of 100 and have since never failed in English Language or Literature.

3)Take Risk:- Another staple advice from all the top notch successful people.We need to take risk.As the old saying,”No risk no Gain”.My parents never taught me risk taking abilities.At this point of time I am not doing well financially and my parents remind me a lot of time about the time when they were saying to do MBA and get a corporate job.Does it bother me?Yes but I will not stop taking risk.We need to teach people around us the value of taking risk just as we teach them about the value of money,relationship,etc. We somehow need to introduce Risk Taking as a subject when we are in schools.Schools and colleges teach safety.So go ahead and take risk.

4)Exceed Expectations:- Exceed expectations of your customers and you will amaze them.You should amaze your customers with your products,services and knowledge.One simple way to achieve this is by exceeding their expectations.An amazed customer is a customer for my life.This is what I want to do when I launch my courses in the future.I want to amaze my customers when they use my course in transforming their body.

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