How to get high quality knowledge?


Knowledge is almost everything.Knowledge will rescue you from depth of darkness.Knowledge will propel you to unimaginable heights of success.Though at this point of time in my life I am successful I regret accumulating very less amount of knowledge in my school and college years.I was an average student.I got 77% in Class 10, 64% in Class 12 and around 45% in College.

Why is that??Because I did not study enough to get more knowledge which would have resulted in better percentage.You may or may not have secured more percentage then me and may or may not be more successful than me but that’s not the point of this post.The main objective of this post is to show you a method using which you can always get knowledge at any age,time,moment in your life.

The method is quite simple.You just need to start a habit of reading books.No not the fictional books.You need to develop a habit of reading autobiographies of successful people.You need to read self help books.Are you facing a problem?The solution to any problem can be found out in a book.There isn’t any problem which cannot be solved after reading a book.

Want to become rich?Read books written by successful entrepreneurs.

Want to become good at photography?Read books on photography.

Want to loose fat and develop good eating habits?Read books on diet.

You get the point.I can guarantee you that once you have completed reading 50 books on any subject you will become semi-master at that subject.To become master then you will have to apply the knowledge you have gained from those books.

Bill Gates who is a billionaire has a reading list 

Will Smite encourages people to read books.

Warren Buffet wished that he could read faster.

Liam Neeson from the TAKEN movie series reads books during his shoots.

You can watch my video on this subject as well


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