How To Get Aditya Roy Kapur Like Physique From Fitoor



aditya roy kapur chest

I really liked the trailer of the movie Fitoor.More than the trailer I liked the physique of Aditya Roy Kapur.It looks natural,masculine,not too overdone and is easily attainable if you consistently workout for a year or two. Infact I will have a physique like him at the end of April 2016

The Main features of his physique are the square well developed pecs and nicely done biceps,triceps and shoulders.You can get six packs like him when you attain low level body fat through calorie deficit in your diet.Follow the exercise routine below to get a physique like him.You just need to lift heavy ass weights for 3 days in a week.


Here is the routine:-

Monday (Chest & Triceps):- 3 X Incline Bench Press (5-7 Reps)

3 X Dumbbell Bench Press (5-7 Reps)

3 X Close Grip Dumbbell Bench Press (5-7 Reps)

3 X Crossovers (10-12 Reps)

3 X Triceps Over Head Extensions (8-10 Reps) Barbell or Dumbbell

3 X Triceps Cable Pushdowns (10-12) Reps


Wednesday (Back & Biceps):- 3 X Barbell Rows (5-7 Reps)

3 X Pull ups to failure or Lat Pull downs if you cannot do pullups

3 X Hammer Curls (5-7 Reps)

3 X Barbell Curls (5-7 Reps)

3 X Dumbbell Curls (5-7 Reps)

3 X Single Arm DB Row (5-7 Reps)


Friday (Shoulders & Legs):- 3 X Military Press (5-7 Reps)

3 X Walking Lunges (5-7 Reps)

3 X Split Squats (5-7 Reps)

3 X Side Lateral Raises Dumbbell or Cables (8-10 Reps)

3 x Lying on Bench Rear Lateral Raises (8-10 Reps)

3 X Land Mines (5-7 Reps)


That’s it.It might look simple but trust me it is not.Download my free reports which is at the bottom of this article to get more information as to how you can build muscles easily on Low Volume High Intensity types of workouts.My reports also introduces you to easy calorie counting formula which will help you in getting shredded.