How To Build A Good Habit



The answer is quite simple.Do it on a daily basis for at least 60 days.According to this study performed by University College London.A person can develop any habit whether it is a good habit or bad habit if he performs that habit for a period of 60 days.I wanted to test this on my self first.So I started reading books every day for an hour at least.It took me around 70-80 days to make it a good habit.Now I read 2-3 days every week for an hour or two.

You need to keep two things in mind though.Even though you fail in your 1st attempt,don’t fret,give it another try after a week or two.If you are relentless enough you will succeed at the end.Also this can work in reverse as well.You can develop bad habits as well unconsciously.I have noticed most office goers eat outside everyday which is not a good thing.In the beginning they were carrying lunch boxes and tiff-ins but sooner or later they shift to eating outside with their colleagues and we all know how oily Indian street foods are.The results are as you may know,they become fat first,then obese and then morbidly obese.What’s the point of earning big money if you cannot remain healthy.


My friend used this method to curb his smoking addiction.He was a chain smoker,smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day but now he has reduced it to 3-5 cigarettes a day.Hopefully he will become non-smoker within a year or two.While following this method,you have to think about future as well and use it as a motivation.My friend thinks about his kids when he started following this method.He wants to spend more time with his kids.This is a powerful motivation.

I am into physique building or body building and I worked out for straight 60+ days in the beginning to form a new habit.I had to go through mental as well as physical pain to achieve this habit and now I am more muscular and fit then most of my known friends and relatives.

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