How can you follow the teachings Lord Shiva?

If you have ever wondered as to how to follow Lord Shiva, then this post is for you.I am going to talk about the book

Shiva Sutras written by Swami Sukhabodhananda.In this book Swamiji introduces us to Lord Shiva in a manner which I can guarantee that none of you have experienced. Swamiji in details  reveal the knowledge of Lord Shiva in a very translucent manner.

shiva sutras3


I will reveal some examples and its meaning from the books.

What does Lord Shiva’s Tiger Skin Stands for?

Watch my youtube video to get the answer

The book will teach you how to remain calm in adversity.It also teaches you to live in present and focus on present without worrying about the future because life is unpredictable.People want their life to be predictable but that is not possible and life being unpredictable is a good thing.

You will also learn about fear and its implications with answers as to how to overcome it.

You will have to read this book several times over a course of years before your fully absorb it

I consider this book to be very important and have decided to read this book once every 3 months.

Please make a good decision and buy this book.