Hagakure The Book of The Samurai My first Book Review

There are certain things which I love about Japanese religion or culture and those are bravery,honor,sacrifice,relationship between master-student.Even my Sanatan Dharma or Hindu Religion propagates the above.Thus we can conclude the Japanese and Sanatan Dharma cultures are similar.




Hagakure: Book of the Samurai is a series of texts written by Japanese samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo.The books teaches us about how to carry ourselves with bravery and honor no matter what the situation is.According to me teachings of the 18th century from this book is applicable to our life as well in the 21st century where there is so much corruption,materialism and god knows what else which is decaying our soul at it’s core level.


Some of the teachings from this book can have a good impact on your life if you put it in use.For example

Throughout your life,advance daily,becoming more skillful than yesterday,more skillful than today.This is never ending

See how powerful the writing from 18th century is and is still applicable today.Want more examples?? Here you go

I do not know the way to defeat others,but the way to defeat myself.

How can you use the above message for yourself?Simple a student can translate it into,”I do not know the way to bring more percentage in my results but I do know a way to bring less percentage for myself i.e not studying enough”

The books teaches us about loyalty,bravery,attentiveness.It will also introduce you to the way of letting go of your ego.Please give this book a try.If you can try new TV Shows,Movies and video games then you can definitely try reading more books.This is what I want with my Book Reviews section.I want people to invest more time in reading books then doing other non productive things.