Energy From Protein,Fats & Carbohydrates For Bodybuilders

Our body is always in a state of physical activity.The intensity may vary according to the activity performed but we are always in a state.In order to perform the activities we require energy.In this article I am going to explain as to how our body utilizes energy from different food sources such as protein,fats,and carbohydrates during our workout session.

The food which we consume is not readily use able by our body in it’s current form.The food from all the three macro-nutrients protein,fats and carbohydrates is broken down into amino acids,lipids and glucose respectively and finally is converted into a molecule known as ATP or ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE. Our body uses ATP to perform all the functions.ATP is our bodies primary fuel.I am going to explain in detail as to how each macro-nutrients gets converted into ATP,to be used by our body.Our body creates energy without OXYGEN known as anerobic metabolism and creates energy with oxygen known as aerobic metabolism.

When we require sudden rush of energy for sprinting or lifting heavy weights in 5-6 RM our body used anerobic energy and that’s why we get tired after a short period of time since our hearts and lungs did not get enough time to get available oxygen.

When we require slow and steady energy for walking,jogging or performing day to day activities then our body uses aerobic energy,this time,our hearts and lungs get enough time to catch up with the required oxygen level.

Let’s talk about macro-nutrients role into conversion of ATP:-

1)Carbohydrates:- Carbohydrates which we consume gets converted mainly into simple sugars known as glucose.There are more sub-varieties as well but to keep the article short I am not including those.Our bodies even have stored glucose known as glycogen.The body converts glucose or glycogen into ATP and the energy is anerobic in nature since it doesn’t require oxygen for creating it.One molecule of glucose produces two molecules of ATP.This process also produces lactic acid which in turn stops muscle contraction thus producing muscle pain.This happens only during high intensity, heavy weightlifting or hiit cardio session.Our body always prefers carbohydrates as a main source of ATP creation since this process is fast and plus we have good amount of stored glycogen in our body depending upon our diet and body composition.Carbohydrates are the only macro-nutrients which produces anerobic metabolism.

2)Fats:- Fats,carbohydrates and protein in the presence of oxygen produces aerobic metabolism.This gives long sustained energy especially to long distance runners.One molecule can produce up to 15 ATP molecules making it more efficient.Our body converts the macro nutrient fat into fatty acids which is either used by body for energy or get stored as fat cells to be stored for future use.When we are in calorie deficit or are performing cardio on empty stomach our body converts the fat cells to fatty acids to be used for energy.

3)Protein:- Our body can convert protein in to ATP as well but our body uses protein first for muscle building,cellular repair,tissue growth and other structural functions.Our body does not like to use protein as a source of fuel.Only in case of extreme emergency our body breaks down muscle for energy use.In India you may have noticed road side beggars or extremely hungry people suffer with this condition.They look extremely weak with no muscle tissues.Their body converts the muscles into amino acids and then through aerobic metabolism the amino acids gets converted in to ATP.

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