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Energy From Protein,Fats & Carbohydrates For Bodybuilders

Our body is always in a state of physical activity.The intensity may vary according to the activity performed but we are always in a state.In order to perform the activities we require energy.In this article I am going to explain as to how our body utilizes energy from different food sources such as protein,fats,and carbohydrates during our workout session.

The food which we consume is not readily use able by our body in it’s current form.The food from all the three macro-nutrients protein,fats and carbohydrates is broken down into amino acids,lipids and glucose respectively and finally is converted into a molecule known as ATP or ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE. Our body uses ATP to perform all the functions.ATP is our bodies primary fuel.I am going to explain in detail as to how each macro-nutrients gets converted into ATP,to be used by our body.Our body creates energy without OXYGEN known as anerobic metabolism and creates energy with oxygen known as aerobic metabolism.

When we require sudden rush of energy for sprinting or lifting heavy weights in 5-6 RM our body used anerobic energy and that’s why we get tired after a short period of time since our hearts and lungs did not get enough time to get available oxygen.

When we require slow and steady energy for walking,jogging or performing day to day activities then our body uses aerobic energy,this time,our hearts and lungs get enough time to catch up with the required oxygen level. Continue Reading